Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for estimates and designs?
There is no charge for the initial consultation and site evaluation. We meet with the customer on site to evaluate their landscape needs and offer our ideas on how best to achieve these goals. If a design is needed to better communicate these ideas, we prepare a computer design of the landscape or irrigation system. We charge by the hour for this service, but if the work is approved, the design fee is credited towards the purchase of the job .
Do you guarantee your work?
Yes. We provide a limited warranty on all materials and labor for one full year from completion. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction and we want our customers to be our greatest means of advertising.
Can we inspect the plant materials before agreeing to the work?
Yes. We encourage our customers to visit the nursery before the job to hand select materials from our inventory. Our nursery provides the customer with a “showroom” where they can see and touch the products before making a decision.
Can you respond quickly to our irrigation or lighting service needs?
Yes. We have a dedicated service department that can respond to emergency calls on the same day and all other calls within 48 hours.
Are you fully insured?
Yes. We carry two million dollars in general liability insurance as well as workmen's compensation insurance and vehicle insurance. We also regularly update our files to ensure that all of our subcontractors maintain proper insurance before commencing any work on our job sites.
How long have you been in business?
We opened our doors for business in 1992.
Can we see examples of your work?
Certainly, We will be happy to take you to some of our job sites or provide pictures and references of our work. Please see our extensive photo galleries on this website.
We are building or adding onto our home. At what point during the process should we contact you to discuss our landscaping needs?
The earlier, the better. By involving us in the process before you ever break ground, we are better able to assist you in evaluating the site and designing a master plan that ties together all of the components of the project. Our input in the early stages of the process can often save you a considerable amount of money later on.