Residential Customers

             Thank you to Tara and all of Puryear for your customer satisfaction attitude. Looking to Puryear for assistance in many years to come."  Don & Carol Walker - Gallatin, TN
              Most people yell and scream when things go awry but never say anthing when it turns out amazingly well. I wanted to tell you that Jonathan Schaeffer of your company and his landscape / lawn crew worked on my yard all day yesterday and DID AN UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC JOB!!!  Jonathan and all his crew were so professional, so polite and considerate, so accommodating, and just about every other superlative that I can think of.
I could not be happer. These men executed this plan at my home as if John Puryear was standing there right beside them.  These guys are absolutely the best ambassadors that money can buy for Puryear Farms.  Tom Tucker - Goodlettsville, TN


             I have used Puryear Farms for my own personal home as well as for our community for the last 10 years. Puryear Farms helped our community develop a 5-year landscaping plan that has been executed on every level. Their awareness to the use of native landscaping concepts has made our community the most desired community north of Nashville. From a personal standpoint they have stood behind every plant and the plant quality has been outstanding.  Jim C. - Fairvue, Gallatin, TN


                 Puryear Farms has been taking care of my grass and irrigation for over five years. As a small business owner myself, I pay close attention to the customer service that I receive when interacting with various vendors in my business dealings. As a homeowner and a customer, I cannot speak more highly of the service that I consistently receive from Puryear Farms, both inside their main office, and from their technicians who come to my home. I don't think that I've ever received such consistently outstanding service from any company with whom I've dealt. Their office staff is always cordial and right on top of things, from my name and address to my last service and date on which they performed it. Frankly, I'm caught off guard by how fast they are aware of exactly who I am, where I live, and what I might need. their personable staff always make me feel as if I'm more than just "another customer". Their technicians have always arrived within one day of my request for service, and could not be more accomodating. They never hesitate when I throw a curve ball, asking for additional help once they arrive. Lastly, but certainly not least, the bills that I receive for their services are always more than fair when considering the work/time that they put forth on my yard.  -  Amy C. DuBois, Hendersonville, TN
               I really appreciate all you and your team did to make the back yard look so good. Derek and his team were top notch and incredibly considerate and attentive to everything they did. The work is great and several people have already commented on how good it looks. I would recommend you and your team to anyone without hesitation. I really appreciate everything and your work is superb!  - Donna Odom
            Your men take great care in the work they do. We are always impressed by the people who work for Puryear Farms. It makes for a successful business and repeat customers. We appreciate the work you do for us.  - Allen Parks, Gallatin, TN

Thank you for your prompt service to our home. We have had a difficult time finding a reputable company and so grateful to have found Puryear Farms. Your bill was exactly your estimate and Mike and Andy were most helpful. Thank you again!    
-Mary Jo Martin, Old Hickory, TN

I am truly impressed by Puryear Farms customer service and have already begun recommending your company to friends. Every one of your employees, that I have dealt with, have a positive “customer is right” attitude. That is often hard to find now days. Thanks again for coming right out and taking care of our concern.    
-Rhonda Mott,Gallatin, TN

The new French drain is awesome! It worked like a charm. I am amazed at how much water is still flowing into it even though the rain has stopped– the sound is actually quite nice. Landscaping and mulch still look good, so upper swale is doing its job. Just thought I would tell you what a difference the drain made…….prior to it being put in, I would have camped out to make sure water wasn’t coming up and over the patio from the rapids that used to form in our backyard!! Thanks!     
-Mary Ann Sparks

Your technician was particularly polite and professional!    
-Kim Ross

Fantastic! Everyone was more than professional and they worked very hard! Chip and I are very pleased with the results. The landscaping is back to its original state, just with much more mature trees and plants! Nice to see! Put us on the books for the chemical treatment on the monkey grass bed that has bermuda in it next June. Thanks for all your work.    -Anne and Chip Johnson

As I am sure that you know, your firm carries the gold standard reputation against which all others are judged in this area. I initially came to you in an unhappy frame of mind and you worked with me and my issue with both tact and professional competence.  The solution that evolved of installing a one-way valve in my drainage pipe between my basement and the junction where your drainage feed empties into that drainage pipe is an excellent solution in all ways and should eliminate water backup into the house short of a biblical flood. I am sure that it will completely solve the flooding issue that has plagued this house for some years. John, I am certain that you do not suffer from lack of references but please do feel free to include this one from a highly satisfied customer  for use in any way you see fit. Thanks to you and your highly competent field crew!    - Tom Brakefield

I want to applaud your staff and the professionalism with which they conducted themselves while installing the irrigation system at our new home. The system was expertly installed and works beautifully, and your staff was available to answer all my questions while giving me meticulous instructions on how to operate the controls. I can say with complete confidence that I would recommend Puryear Farms to anyone with landscaping and irrigation needs.    - Randy Perry

My wife and I are so pleased with the landscaping project that Puryear Farms completed for us last fall. The plantings are showing their colors and are beautiful, while completely matching with our house, existing plantings, and the surrounding area. Your staff has been instrumental in answering all of my questions and helping me understand my duties keeping the landscaping in top order. They provided excellent customer assistance, timely follow up and responsiveness.   - Steve Campbell

John, FYI... during that massive flooding rainstorm last Thursday we didn't get a drop of water under our house, due to our new drainage system that you put in for us this Spring. Amazing, since we normally would have been flooded. If that didn't put it to the test, nothing would! Of course, on Friday the hot water heater burst and flooded the whole downstairs. Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? Well, YOUR part worked great anyway!    
-Lynn King

I live in Elk Acres, and recently a tree fell in our "common area" two houses east of me. My thought was that it would be best to remove the tree now, rather than waiting until summer when the weeds are in the way. I called Ms. Shannon Williams, she referred me to Puryear Farms. When I called, the secretary put me in touch with Mr. Alec Calver. He called to get the location of the tree and said he would take care of it. Early on one of our cold mornings, these men cut the trunk into manageable logs, loaded them on their trucks, but what impressed me so much was how they cleared that area, no small limbs, etc. And one man used his hands to scoop up the sawdust. My thought was they are the type of people I would want working for me. I decided to call Ms. Williams and Mr. Puryear to brag on them.    - Dolores Benedict

Thank you for your prompt service! You were very thoughtful to get someone to winterize our system on such short notice. We appreciate it and we will use your company completely in the future. We appreciate your doing for others what you would have them do for you!   - Jessie Coker

Mr. Puryear, Thank you for your efforts and planning for my irrigation system. Your employees were professional, courteous and cooperative. Andy took time to answer any questions I had and to explain the system.    - John H. Rives, Jr.

I don't think I've ever told you, John, what a pleasure it is to work with you and your people. You really don't know how important it is to have a group of people to help us do the things we can't do - and always in such a cheerful way.    - June Brown

We would like to thank you for the service we have received from you during the past eight years. We had several technicians work with us during that time and each of your young men represented your company in an excellent professional manner. The office staff was friendly and helpful each time I called. They were always ready to assist me with whatever I needed. Our thanks to all of them!   - Jennie Eason

Thank you so much for taking care of our landscaping problems with such care and patience. You are truly a fine example of good customer service. We wish you the best.   
-Charles Hasty

I am grateful for all you do for me. It allows me to continue to live here and not have my place be a disgrace to the neighborhood. Your people are hard workers and a pleasure to have around. Again, thank you!    - June Brown


              I am very impressed with the landscaping work that was completed at my house. You did an excellent job of creating a plan that fit my family's needs within the budget we gave you and you also did a nice job of speeding things along when it looked like there would be delays in finishing the project. The crew was also very professional, which is important since I have a young child that picks up on everything. The finished project is quite impressive. It does not look like an addition, but rather that this was the way my backyard should have looked all along. I look forward to working with your team again in the spring!    -Michele Summers


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the recent landscaping your team completed for me. Your staff did an excellent job in helping me with selecting plants for my yard. They were very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. The crew you sent to install the work did an excellent job. You have an incredible team and I have never felt so well taken care of. My yard is looking the best ever.            
  -Nancy Bryant

I want to thank you for the wonderful job done. The implementation of your landscaping plan looks incredible. Your employees were extremely professional in carrying out their duties. We look forward to working with you in planning and executing the second phase of our landscaping needs.   
-Norman S. Tripp

Thank you! Thank you! The retaining wall looks great! Puryear farms did a fabulous job. They were meticulous in every step and kept me informed throughout the process.   
-Mark Bodsford

I want to let you know of a kindness your staff exhibited while you were out of town. They not only responded very promptly to my panic, but came back a second time to repair bark on a Pee Gee Hydrangea that was damaged by an animal. Your staff has a caring attitude and that, of course, reflects positively on your company.  
  -Janice Gray

Our family loves the new yard! Thank you for your great work and ideas. It has been a pleasure working with you on this project.                   
  -Meridith Booth

Commercial Customers

Thanks for all your hard work, cooperation, and excellent performance. Special thanks to Matt and his crew for trimming, pruning, and mulching my personal property. Happy Holidays to you and your families. We look forward to another great year with your help and assistance! With Best Wishes,        
- Randy Castleman. Fairview Villages of Plantation H.O.A.

I want to commend you guys for the job that has been done in Hidden Point. Thanks you for all your hard work. Hidden Point looks better than ever. The guys doing our mowing are top shelf. If you have a chance please drive by the park, It looks great and has all summer These guys are doing a GREAT job. Thanks to you guys for paying so much attention to the park area.   
  -Chuck Conner, Hidden Point H.O.A.

I have transacted with hundreds of companies in my 25 years as a homebuilder and developer, but few have shown the professionalism at the level of Puryear Farms. John Puryear and each one of his staff members take the extra time to provide top shelf service to their clients. The attitude of “the customer is always right” is central to their business philosophy. I have personally met each of the Puryear team and can say integrity is a common denominator in each of these individuals. I look forward to the next 25 years in business alongside a great partner such as Puryear Farms.    
-Bob Goodall. President, Goodall Homes and communities

I have done business with Puryear Farms for many years in every aspect of landscape design, installation, maintenance, lighting, and irrigation. I could not be happier with the service in every endeavor. As a developer of large tracts of land, it is of optimum importance that our developments maintain a professional and well manicured appearance at all times. I would, without reservation, recommend Puryear Farms.    
-Dan Downs Savannah LLC

Puryear Farms was contracted to provide the landscaping and irrigation work on the Sumner Regional Medical Center Tower project in Gallatin. They not only met expectations but exceeded them in the performance of their work on this precision project in the heart of Sumner County. Puryear Farms had a very competitive price and provided sufficient manpower to meet a very compressed schedule. Their commitment to quality and service was evident throughout the performance of their work. I highly recommend Puryear farms and look forward to the opportunity of working with them in the future.        
-Allen L. Guillory Sr. Project Manager, Robins & Morton

We are pleased to offer this letter of recommendation of Puryear Farms. It was our pleasure to have worked with them on the Sumner Station Healthplex in Gallatin this past year. We found their organization to be of top quality. Their management staff was professional, communicated well and always had the Owner’s best interest in mind. We look forward to the opportunity of working again with them in the near future.   
- Gary W. Chesley Vice president, Hardaway Construction