Hines Residence

Winner of the Planet Professional Landcare Network's 2009 Environmental Improvement Merit Award

The customer purchased an older home with a pool and proceeded to do a complete makeover of the house, both inside and out. Our company was hired to develop and implement a landscape plan that would complement the new look of the home and provide the owner with exterior living space as an extension of the home.

An immediate concern was providing privacy screening for the pool area. The swimming pool was located less than thirty feet from the rear property line but the area between the pool and the neighbors was overgrown with a mix of thin vegetation that provided very little in the way of screening at eye level. The customer did not wish for this area to be cleared but it was so shaded that it did not provide suitable light for evergreens. Another concern was the appearance of the front of the house. The house did not face the street and the existing driveway layout directed visitors to the back door, rather than the front entry, and provided little in the way of parking. The ground sloped away from the front of the house and the grade of the existing concrete was excessive. The customer wanted us to create outdoor living spaces in back of the residence that would be suitable for entertaining larger groups as well as smaller, more intimate, settings.

We addressed the privacy issue along the rear property line by constructing a stone wall and arbor structure on the far side of the pool. By training Carolina Jasmine to grow on this arbor, we began the process of completing the needed privacy screening. The space around the pool was split into separate terrace areas with different functions in mind. Patio pavers were used for the raised terraces while decorative concrete was used in the immediate vicinity of the pool. A raised terrace, with a stone fireplace, was constructed at the far end of the pool with the steps, leading up to this area, in alignment with the central axis of the swimming pool.

We designed a driveway plan that directed guests to the front door by providing adequate parking with a symmetrical layout in the front which complimented the new appearance of the home. We included a low brick wall to border the area which allowed us to raise the soil level in front of the two large existing trees the customer wished to preserve. This enabled up to provide attractive landscaping at the front entry and we used the position of the existing trees to down light the front steps and walkway.

Outdoor lighting was an important element in the overall design and was used to provide the intimacy, as well as the screening needed, to complete the picture and provide the customer with an exterior addition to the home that matched the dramatic changes made to the residence.

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