Rainfall is not always a reliable source of water to sustain our landscapes. Although we receive an adequate amount over the course of the year, it is not consistent and often it is absent altogether when the plants need it most. An automatic irrigation system allows us to compensate for periods of drought. At Puryear Farms, we carefully engineer a system  to deliver water efficiently and uniformly to the landscape. we take into consideration factors including soil types, shade patterns, slope, and plant selections. Turf requires more precipitation than mulched shrub beds and certain types of turf require less water than others. Changes in maintenance practices can also affect the water demands of a property.  As conservation of our water resources becomes an increasing concern, we must look at new and innovative approaches to irrigation. We provide sustainable solutions in irrigation such as low volume efficient irrigation heads, sub-surface drip irrigation, smart irrigation controllers, and rainwater harvesting. Let us assist you in developing an efficient new irrigation system for your property or re-tooling your current system to save you money and help conserve our resources.