At Puryear Farms, we understand that communication with the customer is the key to customer satisfaction and success. A design is a communication tool used to visualize our concept in a form that the customer can comprehend. However, the design should be the customer's vision refined into a concept that meets all of their goals and objectives. We only enhance that vision with new possibilities. Some times that concept is simple enough to be conveyed with a simple hand drawn sketch or photoshop image. In more complex projects we provide an overhead view of the project in a scaled CAD drawing. In complex situations, involving elevation changes and structures, we can provide virtual 3D models in which the customer can take a virtual walk through tour of their dream project. At Puryear farms, we pride ourselves on being leaders in design and we are known for our attention to detail. Potential problems and details should be caught in the design stage... not in the field.

Some of our designs in the various formats we use are shown in the images to the right.