Outdoor lighting adds an entirely new dimension to your landscape. It is the single most dramatic addition we add to any project and provides the customer with immediate visable results. If you appreciate the works of French impressionist artists, you will enjoy the subtle effects provided by outdoor lighting. In many of our projects, seen in the display to the right, we make use of the water features present in the project. This produces reflections and introduces an entirely new element in the landscape.... movement. With the slightest breeze or current, the image is shimmering and surreal. In the case of the project with the pool in the background, we mounted lights high above and directed them down through the large river birches so that the shadows of the leaves are cast on the surface of the patio. With the slightest breeze, those shadows dance across the surface and the effect is like that of moonlight on a bright summer evening. 
Let us introduce you to some of the many possibilities that exist with outdoor lighting.