When designing a project for a customer, we often receive the request, "I would like for the landscape to be colorful and beautiful... but I want it to be low maintenance". All too often those conditions have an inverse correlation. There are certainly naturalistic landscapes that provide great beauty and tranquility but those settings may not be appropriate for the customer's property. Landscapes must be nurtured and maintained and this does involve time and resources. A neglected landscape becomes a liability to your property instead of the asset it should be.

Allow the experts at Puryear Farms to execute the work and care for your investment. We have the skills, the experience, and the desire to tend to your landscape as if it were our own. When we take on the responsibility of caring for a property , we attach the Puryear name to it and thus, our reputation. The pictures of our projects, shown in the frames to the right, demonstrate the pride we take in our work.