Landscape Construction

“Hardscape construction” refers to the design and implementation of non-plant-materials into your outdoor living space. This might be a retaining wall alongside your pool, or a stone walkway leading from the back door out to the gazebo. Hardscape construction refers to any element of a landscape design that includes materials such concrete, brick, tile, stone, wood, and more.

Raised Paver terrace

A comprehensive plan for an outdoor living space is one that takes into consideration all of these elements, along with plants, as individual components of a much larger picture. They compliment one another as do the individual instruments in an orchestra.

Three such projects, by Puryear Farms, received national awards in 2009 through the Professional Land care Network's "Environmental Improvement awards program" which recognizes superior design and installation projects.

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What Puryear Farms offers is unique: a professional approach to design in which we incorporate every element of your landscape and marry the hardscapes with the vegetation in a way that is seamless and symbiotic.

We have a wide array of materials to choose from, including a host of natural and "green" products. If your backyard project requires walkways, outdoor rooms, or any other hard surface elements, our hardscape design specialists will deliver functionality and beauty for your property transformation.

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