Property Maintenance Department

Residential-Lawn-Maintenance-Photo-c.jpgThe proper care and maintenance of your landscape is essential in order for that investment to continue to grow and appreciate in value.

Maintaining a property includes much more than simply mowing the grass. Our approach to property maintenance includes a broad spectrum of services including:

  • Mowing services
  • Shrub bed maintenance (weeding and pruning)
  • Fall leaf removal from beds and turf areas
  • Chemical control of turf grass weeds in lawns
  • Aerating and overseeding of lawns in the Fall
  • Seasonal color rotations (installation of annuals)
  • Mulching
  • Fertilization of turf and bed areas
  • Disease and pest management in the landscape
  • Irrigation Installation, Service & Lighting 
  • Winter Snow Removal

Selective Pruning

Why Choose Puryear Farms?

With so many companies out there offering property maintenance services, why should the customer select Puryear Farms to maintain their property?

  • The simple answer is we provide the greatest value in exchange for the money you will spend.

We provide value through...

  • Excellence in Customer service. We only hire and retain employees who understand that customer service is our highest priority and no customer must be left with unfulfilled expectations.
  • Regular training of employees. It is our responsibility to the customer to ensure the work we execute is performed by knowledgeable and well trained employees who are proficient in the tasks assigned to them. Employees receive training on a weekly basis as well as coaching in the field by experienced managers who inspect their work.
  • Experience. We have been in business for 25 years.
  • Leadership. Our management team has extensive experience and educational background that allows them to help our employees work more efficiently to complete their assigned tasks more thoroughly.
  • Professionalism. Our employees are respectful to both the customer and co-workders while executing their duties. All employees are required to wear company issued uniformed clothing at all times while on duty.
  • Quality materials. We use quality materials in our work and select those materials based on the value of the product rather than price. We realize that a cheap product can negate all other efforts on our part to deliver value.
  • A commitment to quality. This is a core value that we look for in recruiting and retaining key employees. Those who do not share this value do not remain with the business.