Seasonal Color

Seasonal color refers to the use of Spring and Summer annuals to create dramatic bursts of color throughout the landscape. Although most customers adopt a two rotation per year program of Summer annuals and Winter pansies, we offer much more for consideration. A four rotation per year program includes Fall hardy mums, early spring tulips, and a host of other selections from which to choose. Container gardening also offers a variety of options to enhance your patio or back terrace.

We have a solid reputation for producing outstanding displays of seasonal color for our customers. This is due to the fact that we have installation procedures in place for our employees to follow in order to ensure consistent and uniform results. These include:

  • Proper preparation of the soil media
  • The use of slow release Osmocote fertilizer for long term results
  • Proper handling and care of the plants during shipping to the job
  • Follow up monitoring of moisture levels and plant health
  • Inspections for disease and insect problems which could occur

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At Puryear Farms, we realize that the selection of colors and varieties for a customer's property is a matter of personal taste and we make it a point to customize that selection through thorough communication with the customer.

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