Mowing is only one portion of the work involved on our total property maintenance services. However, it is the most visible representation of our work. Therefore, we place a great emphasis on training our employees on the proper techniques to be used and provide them with the best equipment possible.

We maintain a clean and consistent fleet of vehicles and use mowers designed for a quality cut rather than speed alone. The incentive plans we have set up for our employees are based upon quality of work and customer satisfaction level rather than quantity of work completed. Our training programs provide the employees with the skill sets needed to provide a superior finished product. Our on site mechanic keeps all blades sharpened twice per week to provide a healthy cut for the turf.

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What sets Puryear Farms apart from our competition is our understanding that communication with the customer is the key to good customer service and high levels of customer satisfaction. We use every tool at our disposal to keep this line of communication open with our customer through E-mail, phone, newsletters, blogs, and on site meetings by our management team. Our goal is all phone messages shall be returned within a maximum of twenty-four hours.


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