Turf Health Care

treated vrs non treated

In addition to mowing and irrigation, Turf health care comprises the essentials that must be incorporated into your total maintenance program in order to make the difference between that of a simple "yard" versus a healthy lush "lawn" that is both attractive and resistant to stress.

The photo to the right shows a lawn which is irrigated and receives all of the turf health care services we offer. The turf in the background does not receive any treatments but has received adequate rainfall over the course of the year due to an unusually wet summer. There is a stark contrast between the two areas.

Our Turf health care services include the following:

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  • Nutrient management program throughout the year in multiple applications.
  • Weed management using organic and inorganic approaches.   
  • Deep core aeration of lawn areas
  • Overseeding of cool season turf grasses
  • Leaf removal in the fall
  • Turf grass disease management and treatment
  • Monitoring and adjusting the rate of irrigation application to the turf.

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